Cicero businesses or building owners shall order the approved Key Box/s from Knox company in accordance with International Fire Code 506.1.

Cicero businesses that are protected with an automatic sprinkler system equipped with a local or transmitted waterflow alarm, or the building is provided with any fire alarm system equipped with an outside audible/visual signaling device, or the building is provided with any fire alarm system where the alarm is transmitted to an off-site location, or to the fire alarm center for the servicing fire department. 

The Cicero Fire Department conducts routine inspections of local businesses within our jurisdiction. We work hand in hand with our business community to educate them regarding fire code to reduce their liability. The ultimate goal is to save lives and reduce the loss of property due to fire and safety concerns.

Please see our Ordinances for documents that may answer common questions or aid you in compliance for your next inspection.

To request an inspection

If you would like a safety inspection of your business please contact us.  Our staff will be glad to help answer your questions.


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