Department History


     The Town of Cicero was concerned about the threat of fire in the early 1890’s. In 1898 the town took formal action and started to purchase firefighting equipment to support a bucket brigade. Water would be drawn from town wells and relayed to the fire. Horse's would hitch to a fire wagon in the early 1900's and pull it to the scene.  The first truck was a 1921 Model T Chemical truck.  It was later replaced in 1929 with another Model T that featured a twenty-four inch search light, hand cranked siren, water and sand buckets.  

     This served until 1952 when it was replaced with a new 1951 Howe Studebaker with a 500 gallon per minute pump that was built in Anderson Indiana. The truck was ordered in anticipation for the chartering of the fire department with the State of Indiana on September 17th, 1952. This restored truck continues to serve the department today as a parade unit and a reminder to our days past. There was an ordinance in effect until 1977 stating that each male resident of the town between the age of 18 and 36 will give 18 months of service to the department; it was not enforced, as the department always had volunteers at that time.  In 1977, the first full time firefighter was hired.

    From this humble beginning, a modern fire department developed with a combination of paid full-time, part-time and volunteer responders with a great support division.  Our fire equipment includes an engine, arial and utility truck providing fire suppression. Hazardous materials support, rescue and extrication services is just a portion of our All Hazards Response. Our medical apparatus includes quick response SUV and two ambulances providing Advanced Life Support with some of the most aggressive medical protocol in the state.